A new cartoon . . .

19 Aug

There’s a new Dudley Files cartoon over at my other site! Not sure an exclamation mark was needed on that sentence, but it doesn’t cost extra. Anyway, figure it’s time to stop duplicating content. I know I wrote I’d be moving the strip over to here eventually. Well, I’m changing plans again. But for those of you who found this site and like The Dudley Files, come on over to Pirates and Pulsars. That’s where the action will be. And by action, I mean . . . um . . . all sorts of crap – cartoons, essays, photography, screeds, rants and demagoguery, etc. – posted at the speed of continental drift. And there is pirate stuff put up on occasion. In fact, I hawk (gently) my lousy pirates-in-space book Brownbeard over there. But, truth be told, the site is more akin to a black hole than a pulsar.

Dog Runs for Congress, Pt. 6 (in color)

13 Aug

dogs and cats

Dog Runs for Congress, Pt. 5 (in color)

11 Aug

political dogs

Dog Runs for Congress, Pt. 4 (in color)

11 Aug

Animal politics

Dog Runs for Congress, Pt. 3 (in color)

9 Aug

cats get to vote

Dog Runs for Congress, Pt. 2 (in color)

7 Aug

Cat politics

Dog Runs for Congress, Part 1 (in color)

7 Aug

Dogs and cats do politics

Of course, I realize this is a re-post of a previously released cartoon. But now I’ve added color. Once I’ve put up all the colorized versions of the first week’s panel of The Dudley Files, then we’ll continue to see what happens between our candidate Dudley and the coquettish feline reporter Priscilla. Besides, it’s such a complex story line, a little refreshing as to what’s happened thus far can’t hurt . . . much.

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